An infinite Place

| October 14, 2013

One of the functions of lying on a couch and/or a dark room is that it facilitates a regression of ego functions….that is, the conscious censor that we use all the time to function and act more less appropriately “relaxes,” so to speak, and consequently split off thoughts, fantasies, images can come to mind. Also if the dark room is a safe room, instead of engendering a fear and flight response, it can engender the safety of going to sleep and the calmness consequent upon that…..Lawrence Kubie, speaking about art, said that to enjoy art the ego had to regress….Donald Winnicott greatly elaborated on that and spoke about a “transitional space” between the self and the work of art, for example, where both realities merge and the individual experiences fulfillment. That is, the individual (the conscious ego functions) modifies its boundaries, so to speak, and allows a certain merger with the environment – in Winnicott’s thought, this is a necessary human experience so that we experience our connections with the world in which we live…
Gerald J. Gargiulo, Ph.D., FIPA